It's Too Scary For Burglars To Break Into Homes Due To This Product!


The importance of family lies in the love and protection it provides. As times change, security has become increasingly critical. In order to ensure your personal peace, how far are you willing to go? You may choose from heavy surveillance equipment, additional guard dogs, subscription-based security fees, etc. The security industry is worth billions of dollars. Would you be interested in a less expensive alternative? As it turns out, there is. LiveGuard360 is a low-cost premium security solution for your own peace of mind. 

Discover LiveGuard360

Featuring a fisheye lens, the LiveGuard360 security camera is a high-tech surveillance system. You can get a live feed to your mobile through the internet wherever you are and record at a 360° angle. 

A LiveGuard360 Security lamp camera is a hidden camera housed inside a bulb that can be controlled from your smartphone. By using these latest surveillance tools, you can see what’s happening anywhere and anytime. 

Security light bulb camera LiveGuard360 features

  • Sensors that detect human movement
  • Keep an eye on any environment that matters
  • Advanced infrared night vision technology
  • WiFi Live Streaming and Full HD Recording
  • PTZ rotation mechanism that rotates 360 degrees automatically
  • Typical E27 socket, universal fit 

LiveGuard360 Security Camera: Why Do We Need It?

If you have a reason to purchase a home security camera, it is essential. A home security camera setup may be necessary for the following reasons:

Protecting yourself from burglaries

Burglaries are the most common reason for installing a home security system. Recently, burglaries have become more prevalent, and it is crucial to keep an eye on the premises to ensure that intruders are not trying to enter. Even if you aren’t at home, you can call the police or a neighbor if you see a burglar snooping around.

Assisting the police in deterring crime

Criminals know that security cameras provide real-time video feeds to homeowners. Robbers and burglars know they’ve been caught when they see a security camera on your home. As a result, he will return as soon as possible, which will ensure the safety of your possessions. It will be easier for the authorities to apprehend the offender if the thief is unconcerned with the camera.

Watching over children or the elderly

To ensure the well-being of your children or elderly relatives, you must watch over them. You can do this by using a surveillance camera to stream live footage from your house. You can take fast action if anything goes wrong with one of your family members even if you are not at home.  

Keeping an eye on the pets

A security camera can help you keep your pets safe and sound while you’re away. You may keep an eye on your pets to make sure they aren’t misbehaving or causing damage. Pet management with two-way communicative cameras is much more effective, especially if your pet is nervous when you aren’t around.

Emergency Medical Assistance 

The most crucial reason for installing a home security camera system may be to provide medical assistance in the event of an emergency. When you have a sick person in your household, such as a pregnant wife or a sick child, a security camera is a must-have. Once you notice a medical problem on your mobile screen at work, call an ambulance immediately and go home.

LiveGuard360: How it works

Installation is similar to that of any other bulb. This ensures that it never runs out of power. You can view a live image via the LiveGuard360 app on your phone, and you can store images on a memory card. Unlike other systems, this one is completely invisible.

Surveillance gadgets can be used to monitor our properties for break-ins, robberies, and damage. Moreover, if a claim is ever made, we will always have documentation to provide to the insurer. 

Final Thoughts

Unlike typical security bulbs, this security bulb goes above and beyond. The software provides you with a clear view of what is happening to your property regardless of where you are located, and the software allows you to identify the individual responsible for the crime. It’s a low-cost but powerful security camera and electric bulb with the features and specs listed above.

A Few Testimonials…

“It took only six minutes to set up LiveGuard360, and the price was fair compared to other options.” Paul Cullen

“I was looking for a quick way to keep an eye on my kids at home alone. It’s perfect for what I need.” David Bean

“The fact that people are buying expensive surveillance systems when LiveGuard360 offers a great security solution for a fraction of the price is unbelievable to me ” Peter Clark

How to Order?

  1. Visit LiveGuard360 official store.
  2. Fill in your delivery details and billing address in the form provided.
  3. Wait between 2-4 days for delivery.