MaxPhone | The Budget Smartphone With All You Could Ever Need


Modern flagship smartphones offer far greater flexibility in your everyday life than ever before, and with every new smartphone that’s released, even more new, innovative features are introduced. But whilst such smartphones are as popular as ever, the well-known flagship models are also often staggeringly expensive. But that’s where the MaxPhone comes in.

One of the Most Affordable Smartphones Out There

The MaxPhone costs only $268, but for a  limited time, it’s on sale with a 50% discount. The current cost is $135 which includes free door-to door-delivery. When you consider that many of the most recent flagship smartphones cost well over $1,500 dollars, you simply can’t argue with that value. Just take a minute to consider those figures again.

MaxPhone’s current price is less than 10% of that of some of the most expensive smartphones on the market, and still gives you all the technical specifications you could ever want. It’s hard to argue with value like that.

What’s in the Box?

  • (x1) Maxphone
  • (x1) Lithium-ion batteries
  • (x1) User manual, 16 languages
  • (x1) Earphones
  • (x1) EU power adapter, super-fast charging
  • (x1) Super-Fast Charger & USB cable
  • (x1) Warranty card

Two Sims for Enhanced Connectivity

Perhaps you’re fed up with having to use a second phone for work purposes, or maybe you’ve just had enough of being locked into one specific network. Whatever your reasons, a double-SIM device such as the MaxPhone will save you space, help you achieve a greater work-life balance, and open up your options as far as network connectivity is concerned. It’s practical, it’s easy and it’s changing the game.

Taking a Closer Look at the Screen

MaxPhone features a stunning, crystal-clear 7.7” HD+ display (with an equally impressive resolution of 2230×1080) putting it right up there with other, more expensive flagship smartphones currently available on the market. A searingly quick 90Hz refresh rate ensures that even the hardest-to-please customers will be impressed with the Pro X2’s display.

To think that these days you can get such a high-calibre screen for such a modest price is still hard to believe – but it’s the reality! Such a large, high-quality display enables easy workplace multitasking and bolsters productivity, whilst at the same time offering a great option for gamers and TV and film lovers. In other words, whatever you’re into, and whatever you’re after, you’ll find what you’re looking for with the X2’s stellar screen.

A View Down the Lens – Examining the Pro X2’s Camera

MaxPhone  has a total of four cameras, three rear-facing and one front-facing. The three rear cameras comprise a primary wide-angle 20MP lens, an ultra-wide 8MP lens and a 2MP macro lens.

For the front-facing camera, you get a 16MP lens which is ideal for selfies and videos. The main rear-facing camera features PDAF and OIS features which help focus more quickly and create sharper images. Stunning-quality images at a price that won’t break the bank. That’s a pretty image if ever we saw one…

Extending the Average Smartphone Battery Life

Owners of budget smartphones typically complain about their battery life as one of the major drawbacks, with most options requiring a mid-day charge as a result of the intense battery-usage that smartphones require, paired with a more cost-effective (but lower quality) battery. MaxPhone, however, houses a powerful 3350mAh battery which will last for an entire day on one charge. The latest iPhone, by comparison, has a 3046mAh battery. To fully charge your Pro X2, you’ll only need to plug it in for 57 minutes.

Making the Most of Fingerprint Sensors

Located on the phone’s back, the fingerprint sensor can store as many as five different fingerprints. Unlocking your Pro X2 in under 0.1 seconds, this is one of the fastest fingerprint sensor response times on the market today.

The fact that the sensor is on the phone’s back, rather than on the screen itself, helps keep your screen cleaner and smear-free. Access can also be shared between users, with different profiles under different SIMs; it’s really like having two smartphones combined in one. But more than that, it’s two-in-one at an unbeatable price.

Connectivity & Specific Tech Features

For tech-nerds like us, MaxPhone comes with everything we need, even at its modest price, including:

  • WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Bluetooth 5.2 (Snapdragon)
  • LE
  • aptX HD
  • GPS
  • Fast Dual-band A-GPS
  • QZSS
  • BDS
  • NavIC
  • NFC technology

Sharp Sound Quality

MaxPhone supports ultra-high-quality Dolby Atmos audio playback through its built-in speakers, so you can enjoy the sense of scale within your audio.

It also supports Dual Audio through Bluetooth, meaning you can play music directly through two, simultaneously connected Bluetooth devices, making it ideal for listening to music with your friends or family. Usually, a small budget will get you tinny-sounding speaker quality, but the MaxPhone rips up that notion entirely.

A Few Testimonials…

“Thank you, I got my MaxPhone within 3 days of ordering; it arrived around 60% charged and the setup only took me 6 minutes. I can’t believe the price!” Paul Cullen

“It’s perfect for what I’m after – one profile for work and one for private use, and with all the tech specs I need. The price was very reasonable, too.” David Bean

“I can’t believe a smartphone like this can be bought for such a low price; I had to make sure I hadn’t misread the cost!” Peter Clark

How to Order Your Phone

  1. Visit MaxPhone official store.
  2. Fill in your delivery details and billing address in the form provided.
  3. Wait between 2-4 days for delivery.