SummerPal- The Portable Air Conditioner is selling out fast

"Summer 2022, Breaking News: This all-new portable air conditioner has been winning ACs all over the world thanks to its groundbreaking technology and unbeatable price."


It’s going to be a long, hot and very uncomfortable summer this year. Regardless of where you live, the inside temperature of your office or can become unbearable and annoying during this summer.

Why SummerPal is selling out fast?

Let’s start with the obvious, this is not your average, everyday air conditioner, it’s designed using the latest and most advanced climate control technology. The majority of air conditioners on the market are 10x heavier and up to 8x more expensive and, shockingly, they perform much worse. 

This is why so few people are installing air conditioning despite rising temperatures. No matter how hot it gets, many people just don’t think their wallets could take the heat. 

SummerPal is an innovative new product that right now has no real competition on the market, this is one of the reasons it is proving so popular, especially as the temperatures just continue to rise globally. As temperatures begin to reach 30° and keep climbing, SummerPal has become the most cost/effective product on the market. While SummerPal helps you keep the temperature down at home or office, it manages to keep your electricity bill down with no additional costs.

* Last week over 90,000 SummerPal units have been sold!

What exactly is SummerPal?

SummerPal is a cutting-edge technology, contains an air conditioner, purifier, and a Cooler in one device.

This new air conditioning system was designed and developed by a team of dedicated engineers. It was intended to change the way we cool ourselves while keeping a reasonable price and avoiding installation fees. This multi-disciplinary team of experts wanted to build a high-end air conditioning device that was affordable enough for everyone while being resistant and keeping a high air-cooling power. A system that would not only be powerful but also portable at the same time. Lastly, they wanted to develop a system that required no complicated setup or upkeep, without external units and pipes.

The team has to start from scratch in order to accomplish all of this. SummerPal is finally a cooling device that makes a difference.

Key Features of SummerPal

  • Three-In-One Functionality: Many of the air coolers sold on the market are built with older technologies and are very limited when it comes to what features they provide. In other words, they’re only blowing out cool air, which means they don’t put moisture into the air, nor do they purify the air. Luckily, a SummerPal ac is built to do all these things.
  • No Installation or maintenance fees: It does not require any sort of setup and requires minimal maintenance. The SummerPal ac can easily be cleaned within minutes. This reduces the repair and maintenance cost, and the installation cost that comes with wall-mounted ACs.
  • Easy To Use: Even if built with the latest technology, SummerPal ac is still easy to use because it doesn’t have a complicated design. The settings can be easy to operate by anyone, even by seniors who are not knowledgeable about modern technologies. Powered with a USB cable so that it can be charged using a laptop, power bank, or power adapter.
  • Designed for Durability: While many desk air coolers out in the market are easy to use, most of them need to be refilled too often, Some of them break down after only a time of use. SummerPal AC has a generous water tank that can last up to 12 hours of intensive use. It uses economic technology that balances water consumption and allows maximum use.
  • Adjustable Blade: The adjustable louvered blade allows you to move the cold wind direction either up, down, left or right. It also contains a convenient 3-speed fan power button that you can always set for when you prefer silence or chilled air.
  • Super-Hydro-Chill Technology: SummerPal can quickly reduce temperatures in your surrounding within 30 seconds with plain water. In addition, it emits refreshing air, and you can always add some ice in water to get some extra cool within a short time.

Main SummerPal Components

Three innovative components of SummerPal make it the most promising, first-class portable Air Cooler.  These components come in the following configurations:

SummerPal Cooling Component: The air is cooled by the SummerPal AC through evaporative means. The air cooling mode which cools the atmosphere in the room, is obviously the most important component of SummerPal. Evaporation occurs as hot air travel through the water curtain. The hot air evaporates the water from the water curtain and cooler air exits from the other side of the device.

Air Filtering Component: The SummerPal Portable AC  air filter is designed to monitor the quality of the air it produces. These filters ensure that consumers breathe air that is free of dust, allergens, and pesticides.

Air Humidifying Component: It is well established that dry air is hazardous to the body. Dry air causes snoring, nasal bleeds, coughing, lip cracking, dryness and skin irritation. Air conditioners that are used in a conventional manner extract moisture from the air. If someone spent an extended period of time in an air-conditioned room, he will probably be familiar with dry skin, itchy eyes, and itchy sinuses. However, the SummerPal Pure Chill Technology makes it not the typical air conditioner. Instead of dehydrating the air, it humidifies it. This results in cooler temperatures without dryness.

“A solid product. I like the design, the air feels much cleaner compared to my traditional AC. Thank you for the quick delivery”. James Taylor

“Very easy to set up and use. I use it in my office and no more coworkers arguing with me about the right temperature. My own AC”. Lauren Smith


Is it worth it?

Think about your office, bedroom or kitchen that are always at the perfect temperature. Now think there’s no heavy machinery to carry, no expensive installations, no pipes, and a much lower electricity monthly bill! The setup only takes minutes.
To make it even more attractive, SummerPal is available now for 50% off of the original price.

How to order SummerPal?

  • Order the original SummerPal from the official website here.
  • Order in the secure form and wait 2-4 days for delivery.
  • Enjoy better air conditioning and a lower power bill!