ShowerSpa is a unique shower head designed by a start-up company and is now becoming a beloved ficture in bathrooms around the US. It’s easy to install and provides a great shower experience with its filtering capabilities, great water pressure, and jet modes.

Its stunning design might be the first thing about this shower head that catches your eye, but that’s not its only great feature. This unique shower head is designed to eliminate detrimental impurities in tap water: limestone, chlorine, and others. This filtering is done without a bulky unit thanks to the natural minerals that are placed in the handle, which include tourmaline, germanium, and clay.

Pressure Comparison


Limestone can be very irritating and drying. People with dry and sensitive skin will benefit greatly from removing this impurity from the water in their showers. They’ll experience soft and smooth skin without a trip to the spa or expensive lotions. It’s a great investment that will help you feel your best.

Over 10 million Americans are already using this new shower head and enjoying the multitude of benefits it provides, and sales are continuing to increase.

“I live with my husband and two children, each of us takes a shower once a day. I was able to repay the purchase of this showerhead in just 2 months of use” said Melissa White, a satisfied owner of the ShowerSpa system.

Not only does it provide the benefit of softer, smoother skin, it also saves water, while not compromising on water pressure. In fact, the design of the shower head’s micro-holds actually increases water pressure by up to 200%. It’s lightweight, just 190 grams, about the weight of an iPhone.

The ShowerSpa has three different jet modes to customize your shower experience. It has a universal attachment that’s compatible with all showers and bathtubs, and it’s very easy to install.

“It took me 30 seconds to install it. Just unscrew the old head and screw in the new one. It’s very light and handy.” Alexander, happy customer

Thousands of users have already started experiencing the benefits: smoother skin, better hydration, fewer visible blackheads, a reduction in wrinkles and redness, and a reduction in water usage.

“On my old showerhead, I could not choose the type of jet. With ShowerSpa, I can choose between the 3 modes. From the first use, I noticed that my skin irritation was milder. After 15 days, my skin became softer, my hair was less brittle, and my muscular tension was relieved. ” Chloe Lane, from Austin.

How ShowerSpa Produces Great Results?

You feel it in your body when you’ve had a hard day. You push through and keep going, but by the time you get home in the evening, the fatigue hits you and you feel the stress of the day all at once. A shower is a great way to relax after a long day, and with the extra benefits of ShowerSpa, you’ll feel the weight of your burdens lifted as your skin is cleaned.

The massage setting is great for sore muscles, whether they’re from hunching over a desk or an intense workout. Let your shower do more for you with the tension-relieving benefits of the pressured jets.

The lighter settings work well for anyone with sensitive or irritated skin. Its gentle massage will help remove irritants from your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The minerals in its handle filter thousands of different elements out of water naturally. Chlorine, limestone, and other chemical residues that are often present in water irritate the skin and exacerbate existing skin conditions. Filtering your shower water will help your skin look and feel smoother and more youthful.

Your daily shower doesn’t have to be boring and unremarkable. With ShowerSpa, you’ll be looking forward to your shower every day and you won’t ever want to use another shower head! It’s very easy to use, with no complicated functions. It’s easy to switch between the three settings, and it’s easy to install. You’ll enjoy your shower like never before!

Where to Purchase ShowerSpa

ShowerSpa is available through the official website. During this launch period, you can get a great deal with an exclusive promotion. Not only can you get a huge discount and free shipping, you can also get even more savings if you purchase more than one ShowerSpa shower head. Outfit every bathroom in your home with this remarkable shower head so that every member of your household can benefit from its filtering and massaging benefits.